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AS Protective Coat

AS Protective Coat is a durable and elastic water base acrylic-copolymer
waterproofing coating containing ultra-fine linear synthetic reinforcement. AS Protective Coat may be applied directly to reinforced concrete substrate & walls for protective coating. It will help eliminate blistering and cracks in roofs, which may occur when exposed to water or during water ponded conditions. It has high tensile strength with improved flexibility, durability, has a UV-Resistant and heat reduction coating that protects bituminous waterproofing membrane from UV attack as well as reducing the heat built up on the bitumen surfaces.

AS Protective Coat may be applied to reinforced concrete walls and almost all
types of walls, facades and construction surfaces, e.g. concrete block, brick,
masonry, fibrous cement, etc. It can be used on properly prepared timber and
metal surfaces.

AS Protective Coat can also be used to overcoat high build texture / render systems, porous texture coatings and previously waterproofed surfaces. It provides a high quality, effective waterproof and elastic protective coating system over such constructions and applications.


Recommended as a water-shielding membrane for Concrete, Wood and Metal Surfaces

  • Residential & Commercial Complexes
  • Cold Storage Buildings
  • Fuel & Water Tanks


  • Eco-friendly waterborne technology
  • Improved waterproofing & Excellent water ponding properties
  • Single pack, easy to use
  • Seamless & trafficable
  • High tensile strength & elongation
  • Hard wear & excellent flexibility
  • Low odour and low VOC
  • Easy to clean-up, non-staining
  • Excellent microbial resistance
  • All weather & UV resistant
  • Excellent alkali resistance