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ASU Thermo-Radiant Barrier Flex

ASU Thermo-Radiant Barrier Flex is a highly effective radiant and vapour barrier which is used as an underlay for Clay Metal or RC Flat Roof System. It will reflect and refract radiant heat emitted from the main roof material and block vapour transmission. The high tensile strength is designed for durability and good workability.

ASU Thermo-Radiant Barrier Flex is specially designed & engineered to improve the thermal comfort of the users since it acts as a radiant & vapour barrier to reduce the temperature and humidity.

ASU Thermo-Radiant Barrier Flex is such a premium and superior product that it is able to reflect > 95% of radiant heat. It has a Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate of 0.040g/m²/day, allowing the place to be less humid.

ASU Thermo-Radiant Barrier Flex is also suitable for a wide array of applications that are heat and vapour sensitive. Some examples are: External surface of Fuel & Water Tanks, M&E Services in Cold Room Storage, Computer/Server/Clean Room, Restaurants & Kitchens usage.


Recommended for Roofing and M&E Services

  • Residential & Commercial Complexes
  • Cold Storage Buildings
  • Restaurants and Kitchens
  • Computer/Server/Clean Rooms
  • Clinics/Hospitals
  • Fuel & Water Tanks
  • Marine & Automotive Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industry